Keep Shining Everyday!

by Shervin on February 26, 2017

Have you observed people who keep their cars shiny and clean? Do they clean their cars once a month or more often?  Do they keep their cars away from tree saps? Those people know that dirt is everywhere and it is normal that their cars get dirty and lose its shine. They have a process […]


Ordering From Menu

by Shervin on February 13, 2017

If you are hungry and go to your favorite restaurant, how will your order your food?  Will you tell  the waitress: “I do not want to eat hamburger, I got sick when I ate one last year in an airport” “I do not want spaghetti it gave me hurt burn in restaurant across from you” […]


Birthday Gift

by Shervin on January 28, 2017

My birthday was approaching and I was thinking of what I wanted as a present if the Universe could give me anything I wished? It was not what I was expecting. Image of my parents holding me and smiling at me appeared. I became overwhelmed emotionally. I cried for a while. I pondered about this […]


How Is It Serving You?

by Shervin on January 16, 2017

Everything serves us until we let it go. If you are struggling with something that is frustrating you (weight, next dream project, relationship), most likely the struggle is between your thoughts and you emotions. You likely know what are the right things to do and yet you may be sabotaging your effort regarding taking the […]


Make it Matter!

by Shervin on January 1, 2017

If you could go back in time 1, 5, 10, 20 years and talk to your younger self, will your younger self benefit from your life lessons and your wisdom? If yes, how would your life would have changed?  For better? You may not be able to go back and change your life from years […]


Pink Elephant

by Shervin on December 19, 2016

On Sunday, I woke up at 3 AM in the morning. I was consumed with a deep anger. It was very intense and I felt I was losing control. Under my anger was feeling that I was rejected and abandoned.  The feeling was overwhelming and it was suffocating me.  I asked my guides to take […]



by Shervin on December 5, 2016

Most people want all the nice things such as good relationship, happiness, spirituality, fit body, great finances but are not committed to deal with challenges and associated sacrifice to get what they want. For most part we have to earn what we desire and nothing valuable is free. For example, most people want to be […]


7 Effective Ways to be Miserable!!!

by Shervin on October 23, 2016

If you are feeling helpless or unhappy you may consider some of the reasons below that can easily sap your joy, excitement and peace from your life. 1- Codependency: Our happiness is solely based on happiness of spouse or family members or a friend. We lose sense of who we are and what we want, […]


Only My Way!!!

by Shervin on October 10, 2016

When we are attached to our beliefs, we may defend our beliefs at the cost of truth our integrity, and our peace of mind. Most of us are not aware of our attachment to our beliefs, yet we can identify others that are defensive and seem to be closed minded about their beliefs. Let us […]


Lack of Motivation

by Shervin on September 25, 2016

Sometimes we may feel tired and do not have motivation to do the things that we “should” be doing. There may be many reasons for lack of motivation. Today, Let us focus on one reason that we usually do not pay attention to. What if the reason for lack of motivation is that we are […]


Are You Really OK?

by Shervin on September 11, 2016

You ask your friend: How are you? He or she responds: I am OK! What does it really mean? She may be hurting and still say “I am OK”!  This is a typical respond of most people. She may feel her problems may be a burden on others and say “I am OK”. She may […]


How to Feel With Less Pain

by Shervin on August 15, 2016

Why it so difficult to feel “negative” feelings? Is feeling of sadness painful or the story associated with it is painful? What happens when something good happens and we feel happy? We tell ourselves a good story. It goes something like that: “I am so lucky”, “I finally did it”, “I am worthwhile”, and “I […]


Loss of Loved one

by Shervin on August 2, 2016

As part of life, most of us will experience loss of our parents which may shake foundation of our emotional and physical security. People react to a loss differently. Some stay angry about the loss. Some stay numb for a long time. Some feel guilty for not doing more with them when alive. Some are […]


What I Learned from Painting

by Shervin on July 17, 2016

Are our hobbies just a way to relax or do they have deeper meanings? For fifty years, I had a belief that I could not paint (my mother was a great artist and she did my painting homework for me to get a better grade at school).  Then at age 50, I started taking painting […]


Expect the Unexpected

by Shervin on July 3, 2016

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel the world is crashing on your head? There are times in our lives that everything goes well as planned. There are times that our lives may seem out of control. Like riding a long roller coaster, we want the ride to stop so we can take a breather […]


Friends in the Mirror

by Shervin on June 19, 2016

Like attracts like. We can learn about ourselves by looking at attributes and challenges of our best friends or clients. Your friends at the surface may have diverse interests, have different nationalities or beliefs. They may be married or unmarried. On the surface nothing may seem to be in common between you and your friends. […]


Be Clear!

by Shervin on June 6, 2016

Our words are created into images which are powerful means to manifest and impact our energetic field. Think of a person that you consider positive. It is most likely about how upbeat that person describes things in their conversations. Usually being around such a person you may feel more energized. There are times that we […]


Do You Feel Tired?

by Shervin on May 23, 2016

Do you feel tired? Do you feel it may be due to lack of sleep or bad eating habits? Perhaps that is true. Let us talk about the elephant in the room. Maybe the elephant in the room causing you lack of sleep, pains or bad eating habits. Let us talk about all the energy […]


The Year that I Died!

by Shervin on May 9, 2016

It was June 2013 that I returned from an Alaskan cruise. I checked my phone messages. My manager had left a message that she wanted to talk with me right away. That was very unusual. The next day, my manager told me that 60% of department had been laid off the week before and I […]


What Do you value the Most?

by Shervin on April 11, 2016

What do you value the most in your life? Do you spend your time wisely on experiencing and attaining those values? Sometimes we are so busy with tasks that we do not stop and question if what we are doing is the best way to achieve what we value. For example, let us consider work. […]