Lessons Of The Year

I like to share with you some reflections on 2019.

I was humbled to be wrong so many times during the year. Many of my projections, which logically should have happened, did not happen!

Those issues were all important and related to my sense of well-being and security.

At times I felt scared, worried, frustrated. I pulled myself out of those situations (seemingly like life and death) and reached some sense of peace.

Looking back, these were the common thing that helped me greatly to reduce my suffering:

  • I dropped my desire to have an immediate result; A month or a week is a long time to worry about it today.
  • I focused I what I could do the best today.
  • I accepted probable worst case scenarios, but did not feed them with fear.
  • I kept reminding myself, everything will be OK; I started every day as a new day.
  • I asked for help and support from friends with high vibration.

What surprised me was that I had support and help which I did not anticipate.

I spend lots of energy on things that did not happen.  What I have learned in the process can be used for next year to have more presence of mind and peace.

My take away from last year is:

  • Be loving to yourself and others
  • Do your best
  • Stop worrying; is OK not to know everything
  • Let go of attachment to a fixed way to reach your goal
  • Trust the process
  • Ask for help

I wish you a prosperous and joyful year ahead.

Copyright @2019 by Shervin Hojat

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