What is Your Focus on?

How we see the world, and where our focus is on, determines how we interact with the world.

Our perspective determines our thoughts and actions.

We can observe people and most importantly ourselves to get insights about our perspectives.

Consider observing your thoughts, reactions and actions for a day.

Is your focus on lack or abundance?

Is your focus on possibilities?

Is your focus on living or not dying?

Is your focus and motivation based on love or revenge?

Is your focus on seeing faults or appreciating the strengths?

Is your focus on security or freedom?

Is your focus on surviving or thriving?

Is your focus on finding the truth or being right?

Is your focus on appearance or accepting what is underneath?

Our perspective is like using the camera on our phone.

If we use our camera only in zoomed in or zoomed out mode, we will miss many things, and will have a narrow view of what is possible to experience.

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