Ordering From Menu

If you are hungry and go to your favorite restaurant, how will your order your food?  Will you tell  the waitress: “I do not want to eat hamburger, I got sick when I ate one last year in an airport” “I do not want spaghetti it gave me hurt burn in restaurant across from you”  “I do not like pies I once choked on a big piece when I was three”  and so on …

If you said yes, I have to ask you if you are really serious about eating and why you have not ordered anything yet.

The above scenario happens for many of us in the restaurant of life. How many times while we desire a change in our lives, we make a list of what we do not want?  What is the reason that we do not express what we desire clearly? We all have free will. Universe only gives us what we desire (the first step is to verbalize it).

What we desire in our lives is like ordering from a menu in a restaurant. Ask for what you desire rather than what you do not want. It is more rewarding and more enjoyable to visualize and create a yummy feeling of what you desire than what you do not want.

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