Only My Way!!!

When we are attached to our beliefs, we may defend our beliefs at the cost of truth our integrity, and our peace of mind.

Most of us are not aware of our attachment to our beliefs, yet we can identify others that are defensive and seem to be closed minded about their beliefs.

Let us look at a simple example. A doctor who has spent many years at a medical school may believe that the western medicine is the only way to heal and may be intolerant of other methods. A practitioner of natural healing may also believe that his way is the only way to heal, and the western way is all based on greed and does not work.

A doctor and the practitioner may defend their position by showing the other method has not worked on tens or hundreds of cases. All their argument says is that the other method does not work all the time. Yet they may defend their position as if their method works 100% of time!

We can take this concept to our work, society and politics and observe the interactions among people. Observe the level of anger and intolerance of opposing ideas.

The most interesting and useful things is to look at is at ourselves and our beliefs. How do we react when our beliefs are under question and perhaps under attack? How tolerant are we? Do we think our way is the only correct way and we need to squash and belittle the opposing belief at any expense?

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