Worry, Hope and Faith

Worry, hope and faith. We have them all. 

What are they and how are they related?

What worry and hope have in common is future. Worry is about a gloomy future that we try to avoid and control. Hope is an expectation of good future that we desire to reach.

Faith can be like an anchor that can keep us satisfied and steadfast in the present, no matter what circumstance we are dealing with.

Having a choice between worry and hope we need to choose hope. Hope brings us energy and optimism that we need to take action.

Faith is based on strong belief. Some beliefs are disabling.  Some beliefs can gives us strength in uncertain times.

Consider the belief, “No matter what is happening I will be OK”. This is a very valuable belief when we are dealing with fearful and unknown situations in life. With such a faith, we are calmer and can think clearly. Difficult situation will have less of impact on us because we believe we are/will be OK.

Imagine, being strong and unshaken in a world with so much uncertainty and challenges. Wouldn’t that living be more enjoyable and productive?

Take a look at your worries, hopes and beliefs. Your hopes and worries are related to quality of your belief.

Is there something about your belief that you can upgrade to experience more freedom and joy?

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