World Events

These days we may feel sad, angry, disappointed and helpless due to news of the events.

We also may feel inspired by the courage, bravery, sacrifice and resiliency of people mentioned in the news.

The other day, I realized my vibration was low and I was avoiding interacting with people.

I wanted to curl up in my bed and forget about everything. Curling up in bed may be a good short term solution, but what can be done for the longer term?

I can turn off the news and feel more peaceful.

Is it the right approach?  How long can I do it?

There are currently 17 active conflicts in the world, how many of those are brought to our attention?

How would we feel if we could follow up on all the pain and sufferings of people around the world?

How are we supposed to respond?

What can we do constructively help impacted people besides moral and financial support?

We need to address the issues at its root by showing courage and resolve.

All the current tyrants, at some point were mini tyrants, like weeds in a garden, we collectively allowed them to grow with our silence and indifference.

We need to become aware of potential big tyrants and not allow them to take deep roots.

‘You are all and all is you.’ If that is true, then we need to start with ourselves to change the world for the better.

The kind of energy we put in this world has an impact on the collective.

We need to keep our own mini-tyrants at bay by our courage and diligence!

We need to observe how we respond to disagreements and differences of opinions and approaches in our own lives.

Do we take a broad approach in resolving our differences? Or just like big tyrants, we want sources of agitations to be removed by any means necessary?

Do we  listen to the other approaches, or by using mind numbing labels we stop all conversations, and in the name ‘peace’ we declare war on ourselves and others?

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