Wardrobe Change

Have you ever caught yourself saying, today is going to be a miserable day and you were correct?  Have you ever predicted a great day and you were correct?  We may not have control over events in our daily life; however, how we react to events and people is under our control.  Our attitudes and thoughts accepted as “truth” drives our positive/negative experiences.

Attitudes and beliefs are like clothing.  If we are conscious of them being dirty or the wrong color we can change them to benefit us.  In the morning, improve your mood by doing something relaxing and calming before starting your day (clean clothing).  Inspect your thoughts and emotions (your perspective for the day -accessories).  Ask yourself, who would I be today without this thought?  What changes will I notice if I forgive someone?  What emotion can I express cleanly in person or in mediation?

Wardrobe Change

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.
The alarm is going off.
It is time to get dressed.

A huge wardrobe with many
clothes and accessories.

What shirt will I wear?
Anger, grief, apathy, pride, courage, acceptance, reason
or love?

What shoes will I step into?
Victim, martyr
or co-creator?

What glasses will I wear?
Rose colored, dark
or clear?

So many choices ….

Copyright. 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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