On becoming Your Best Friend

Will you commit to accept and support yourself no matter what you may experience?

If your answer is yes, congratulations!  You are a great friend to yourself.

If your answer is no or you hesitated a bit, congratulations! There is something to dig deeper if you choose to do so.

Most of us give to others when they need help.

I bet you as a reader of this blog, if you see a friend in the parking lot with a panic attack, you will approach the person and try to comfort them without judging.

The question is why we cannot do the same thing for ourselves? Is it lack of self-love, or arrogance that we should be better than others or something else?

Also, have you ever thought of consequences of not accepting and supporting yourself?

Do you think such a person will feel safe and secure? How about having enough self-confidence?

I have a confession to make! This is what I have done in the past. I did not support myself.

I was not aware of this issue so clearly, but I kept asking myself why I react certain way and often look outside of myself for security, emotional support and encouragement. Over time it became very clear to me why.

For example, if I became angry; I judged myself about feeling angry rather than acknowledging the felling and telling myself I can see why I may feel that way; I also did not tell myself no matter what I am going through I will support the part of me that is upset. It is like talking to your good friend who is upset.

I have started being a better friend to myself. I have noticed a big difference in how I react and feel toward outside events now; I am more calm and confident. I know no matter what happens Shervin has my back.

Are you willing to be your own cheerleader and friend no matter what your situation is?

Are you willing to be committed to yourself without any agenda or conditions?

Are you willing to be your own best friend?

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