Do We Value Truth?

At what point do we appreciate truth?

I believe that most people support the truth mostly if it does not harm them.

Will a lawyer seek truth at expense of his client’s freedom? 

Will a political party change its position because of discovering the truth? 

Will people at work speak the truth when they perceive their job may be on the line? 

One can understand in situations one hiding the truth to protect self or others from physical harm. What is the justification for hiding or denying the truth from ourselves?

It is said that truth sets you free; yes, only if you let go of ego and let go of defending your past positions.

Many people have invested many years in half-truths and inaccurate ideas; it takes honesty and courage to admit one has made a mistake.

Truth does not have value judgment; it just is. We try to judge it instead of accepting it.

If I do not trust life – that is not good or bad – It just is at this moment;

If I am not happy with my situation – that is not good or bad – It just is at this moment.

When you are hungry you say the truth at that moment about your hunger and there is no judgement.

Why we get offended when someone criticize us when he/she tells the truth?

Why we do not tell the truth when we feel sad, lonely, angry or scared? 

Is fear of judgement from others (position of ego) more important than truth? Isn’t that like being in a small prison cell?

What truths do you deny or judge? Why?

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