What If

We all dream and sometimes can remember our dreams.

Some of our dreams are as real and vivid as our awake life.

Some of our dreams are terrifying and some of them are yummy and joyful.

It is fun to dream especially when we do not follow any rules, and are not bound to the Earth’s gravity.

Sometimes, in our dreams, we are aware that we are dreaming. In such a situation, we are not terrified, we are rather curious and playful.

Think back to a time that you had a scary dream.

How did you react when you woke up from your terrifying dream?

Weren’t you happy that it was just a dream?

Did you want to be aware that you were dreaming while in your dream?

I would!

What if the life that you are experiencing, is just a dream and you have not yet awakened from your sleep?

Would you deal with difficult situations in your life differently, if you know you are experiencing your life in a dream?

If this life is a dream:

Who is the dreamer?

How well do you know the dreamer?


Copyright @2021 by Shervin Hojat

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