Distraction: A Double Edged Sword

There are situations where distraction is a must and there are situations where focus is a must.

Let us look at both situations and rational and need for both cases.

In some situations distraction can be disastrous and focusing is a must:

  • Surgeries
  • Working with heavy equipment
  • Driving
  • Landing and take off

The task of focusing is basically guidance and mastery over our mind to accomplish tasks.

However, when for various reasons, we delegate mastery over our mind to our thoughts (or other’s thoughts);   Distraction is required to create a balance. Some of situations where balancing act/distraction are required:

  • Excessive worry
  • Racing Mind
  • Stress
  • Negative self-talk
  • Mild pains
  • Watching commercials of any sort
  • Creative work and problem solving

The main goal of distraction is to get us out of our head and to connect us with our body and heart.

Breading, meditaion, gratitude, physical activities, sufficient sleep, being in nature, music and dance are some of the very useful methods to connect with our body and to become whole again.

What percentage of your day do you use your mind to focus on tasks?

What percentage of your day do you invest in balancing acts?

Have the ratio of those two increased or decreased over the past six months?

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