Truth of What We say and Think Maters

Our subconscious does not distinguish between truth and half-truths.  It takes our thoughts and words literally.

If we are not careful with the accuracy of our thoughts and words, we may experience a reality that is only our own creation.

Imagine hearing such words over and over:

  • I have no money
  • Everybody is a crook
  • Nobody cares about me
  • I am no good.

If I tell myself such sentences over and over, I will definitely feel sad and deflated. How about you?

The idea is to tell the truth and do not exaggerate about the reality that we are experiencing.

Let us look at the sentences above and analyze their truthfulness:

I have no money:  Not true. Most likely you can find spare change in your car or in your pocket.

Everyone is a crook:  Not true. You know or can find one person who is not a crook.

Nobody cares about me: Not true. There may be a friend or a family who cares about you but not the way you demand it.

I am no good: Not true. Remind yourself about a time that you helped someone or smiled at someone during the past year.

The moral of story is:

  • Do not exaggerate. Our subconscious hears it as real.
  • Repeated exaggerated sentences will bring us down emotionally.
  • Need to focus on things that we have and do we not appreciate enough. These are things such as our health, friends, and family that if we lose them it will be a great loss to us.

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