Worst Case Scenarios

I have created many worst-case scenarios in my mind and majority of them have never materialized. They ranged from simple daily concerns to career and financial security.

We sometimes are ‘certain’ that disaster will happen, and as the result we will be embarrassed or will be rejected or will be considered a failure. If we have a strong mind and focus on such events out of fear, it may actually happen!

Certain amount of fear is good to motivate us to act. But obsession with being right about our fears and suffering constantly as a result is not beneficial to our well-being.

Over time, I have learned that my mind plays a fear game on me, if unchecked. It is like watching a horror movie, we expect the scariest scenes as part of movie’s entertainment.

I used to worry about downsizing at work even if the odds was 1 in 500. I remember being very concerned about it and wasting lots of energy on all possibilities prior to announcement.  Now when such concerns show up, I ask myself what vibration I like to experience now? And what action is in my highest interest today?

Look at your past worst-case fears:

–       How did you react to them?

–       Did they materialize?

–       Do react differently to such issues now? Why? 

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