Freedom and Safety

We choose between freedom and safety every day.

Some of the reasons for choosing safety can be our current responsibilities, our health, our upbringings or fear of the unknown.

As we mature and our responsibilities change, we may lose the fear of the unknown and enjoy the journey into the mystery.

Fear of the unknown is amplified when we are not present and are focused on anything but the present.

When we are not present and attempting to continuously live in the past or control the future, we lose our freedom and the potential to grow!

Imagine, if one attaches weights to an eagle, the eagle cannot soar in the sky freely and live his/her potential.

Some of the weights that hamper us to soar like an eagle are our ego, judgement, attachment to outcomes, and being out of touch with our capabilities.

If you feel that you are not free, you have had a good reason for taking actions to limit your freedom. However, that does not mean the situation needs to continue.

You are now wiser and have lived through your worst fears and have survived them!

Remember that the first time you enter a dark room (unknown), is the most difficult time, especially if you are projecting your fears into it.  After a couple of times, you may easily navigate through the dark room with ease.

Reflect about the times when you were inspired, relaxed and creative.

Were you present?

Did you feel free?

Were you attached to a certain outcome?

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