Change and Chaos

by Shervin on July 6, 2020

How do we respond in times of change and chaos? Put it mildly, many things are uncertain. Many of pillars that we rested our peace of mind on may be gone or crumbling. We may dread watching the news. Our friends may not be as social as before. We may feel emotionally and physically exhausted. […]


Love and Action

by Shervin on June 21, 2020

“Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant.” – Deepak Chopra Action and love need to go together (with awareness) for our spiritual growth. What are some actions related to love? · Acceptance of the other person- it is not about fixing them. · Being present with them. · Being vulnerable to verbalize your love […]


Tribute To A Friend

by Shervin on June 7, 2020

Last Wednesday, a friend texted me with a sad news. He broke the shocking news that our common friend, Balmiki, who I have worked with in two companies – has unexpectedly passed away. Bakmiki, was one of my few friends who I had at my work.  We had common passion for nature, photography and poetry. […]


How Sovereign Are You?

by Shervin on May 26, 2020

How much outside events influence your mental, emotional and spiritual state? You are sovereign if we know yourself. This is more than knowing what personality type you are. This is about experiencing yourself to the core. Knowing self is like being a tree rooted deeply in the earth. Winds of criticism, job loss, failures, rejections […]


On Manipulation

by Shervin on May 10, 2020

Manipulation is a way to control and direct others to have a certain desired behavior. Some reasons for manipulation is lack of effective communication, lack of awareness and lack of honesty. Some tactics used for manipulation are: Fear/mis-information Urgency Shame Guilt Various forms of Rewards If we are not conscious, we all will participate in […]


How to Respond

by Shervin on April 28, 2020

Imagine something unexpected happens. Your travel plans get cancelled. Your income is reduced, or an unexpected illness is encountered. The default reaction is to get very upset and say why me? It does not seem to be fair! You have gone through a lot already and this was the last thing you needed. Your every […]


Reminders to self

by Shervin on April 12, 2020

Everyone is under stress and they have unique way of dealing with their own stress. Our coping mechanisms are different. Some coping mechanism are stickier (negatively impacts others more) than others. We all are feeling fear, anger, regret, grief during this challenging times and nobody is immune to such feelings. The only control we have […]


The Invisible

by Shervin on March 30, 2020

The invisible enemy or friend? The enemy who is everywhere and nowhere. The enemy who is not detected by your normal senses. The enemy who does not discriminate based on language or color or wealth. The enemy who can bring physical death and pain. The enemy who physically separates you from friends and family. The enemy who […]


Dealing With Our New Reality

by Shervin on March 23, 2020

It is like a bad movie or perhaps a dream that we want to wake up from. Is it real? Things has changed so quickly.  It is hard to believe. We are pushed to take our life situation moment to moment to maintain our peace and sanity. It is scary, if you are not used […]


Game of Life

by Shervin on March 8, 2020

Living is about experiencing life events with courage and humility. One can be ‘alive’ and still not be living. What makes us alive is breaking the walls of fear and observing experience of who we are and who we are not. It is a game! Would you want to have a friend/mentor that has never failed […]


Life Purpose

by Shervin on February 24, 2020

What is my life purpose? This is a question that sooner or later comes up and we like to have a heartfelt answer for it. “I am getting older and still do not know what I want and what purpose I have.” “What used to make me happy, no longer does. Why am I here?” […]


Expectations and Happiness

by Shervin on February 9, 2020

What kind of expectations do you have? Extent of our expectations determine how happy we are. Look at the couple of few items that made you upset and kept you upset. Were there related to some forms of expectations from others? Why do we have expectations from others? We like to be treated like we […]


Do We Value Truth?

by Shervin on January 30, 2020

At what point do we appreciate truth? I believe that most people support the truth mostly if it does not harm them. Will a lawyer seek truth at expense of his client’s freedom?  Will a political party change its position because of discovering the truth?  Will people at work speak the truth when they perceive their […]


Unmet Needs

by Shervin on January 13, 2020

We know nutritious food, exercise, meditation, laughter are all good for us. We also know certain behaviors are not good for us. When we mention to our friends or family, “You know this is good for you, why you do not do it?”, We hear, “I know!”. Why we do not do things that benefits […]


Lessons Of The Year

by Shervin on December 31, 2019

I like to share with you some reflections on 2019. I was humbled to be wrong so many times during the year. Many of my projections, which logically should have happened, did not happen! Those issues were all important and related to my sense of well-being and security. At times I felt scared, worried, frustrated. I pulled […]


Doing the Right Thing for The Wrong Reason

by Shervin on December 15, 2019

Our reasons in doing things matters a lot. Finding out about our real motives is a great way to know ourselves and make necessary changes if we chose so. Let us look at some reasons for doing something right with two different motives. –  Reason for helping people    1- Love to help others   […]


Altering Your Mood

by Shervin on December 2, 2019

You have heard the statement that you create your own reality and potential happiness. Is it true? I agree with the above statement based on my own experiences where changing one thought can change my mood. There may be events that we may not have control of or at surface is not our own creation. […]


Saying Yes To You!

by Shervin on November 17, 2019

Two weeks ago, I was inspired to share some of my recent poetry. I signed up as a speaker for my toastmaster group. I was looking forward to the meeting on that Friday. On Wednesday afternoon I noticed several missed calls on my phone. I called back the number. It was from a person in […]


If You Had One Day

by Shervin on November 3, 2019

Sometimes we feel that we are lost in the forest of life and we do not see the big picture or a way to clarity, There may be many things uncertain, we may not be present (too much mental chatter), be confused and not motivated to do anything. In such situations, it is important to […]



by Shervin on October 21, 2019

How do we self-sabotage? We know what the right thing to do is, but we do not do it. For example, we may know that certain food or behavior is not good for us and we need to avoid them. Or we may know certain activity like monitoring our thoughts or exercise is beneficial to […]