Tend To Your Garden Within

A personal spiritual journey to know self, inspect beliefs, contemplate life and lead a more joyful life.

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Easy to read, everyday issues and thoughts that have crossed my mind

Got the “Tend to Garden Within” book couple days ago. I find it very easy to read – short stories, thoughts, poetry and life experiences that I can relate to – understand what the author is talking about and then take time to reflect on. I am very busy and have tons of stuff to read – mostly technical and work related so I am enjoying this book as an escape from my usual readings and one that I can get something out of a few minutes of reading. Each chapter/segment is unique and has something to offer and its easy writing style draws you in and engages your mind to relate to it and respond to it. Rima, Feb 11, 2009

Beautiful and refreshing

You don’t have to be a big reader to enjoy this book. The words are fresh and to the point.  It is like one of those perfect poetry books that you can open to any page, and that is the right page with the right message to view for that day. Brings a great mix of today’s consciousness to the fore front. There are no barriers – word’s are not secular or cultural. I recommend it to clients all the time. Cindi Koch, RMT, Power Structure, Inc., March 1, 2009

A Thoughtful Inner Gardener

Part poetry, part dialogue between self/Self, part pondering and musings on the path of becoming more conscious and authentic as a human being, ‘Tend To Your Garden Within’ reads like a prayer, a conversation, an exploration. At times, I found myself deeply touched by a poem or conversation. And even when I didn’t connect as strongly with a particular piece, each piece was clearly part of the ‘process’ of seeking deeper understanding. The feeling of *process* is conveyed throughout this book. We sometimes forget that, as we move through any process, not all of the steps are ‘a-ha’s. Sometimes they are just steps. And sometimes, even standing still is a step. But those steps, taken again and again and again, are part of the process, the ‘ground work’ needed to become a more whole person. ‘Tend to Your Garden Within’ is a reminder that tending to one’s inner garden is an on-going process, and Shervin has offered a bit of his process in becoming a better gardener. Victoria V., March 8, 2009

Uplifting, thought-provoking, and enjoyable read

The book is written in a very enjoyable and accessible manner. The setup as a series of poems, dialogues, and stories make it easy to browse and read small portions at a time. Everything is written in a way that makes you stop and think about your own feelings and actions. I found that reading the book lifted my mood and inspired me about my own personal development., Barbara Underwood, March 11 2009

Beautiful journey to spiritual healing

I loved this book! The author’s journey from grief to spiritual healing is very moving and beautifully written. Using a combination of poetry and prose, he details his spiritual quest via meditation, shamanic practice, Trance Dance, and journaling. The insights gained are profound, yet this book is an easy read. It’s a wonderful departure from the many heavy-handed spiritual “self-improvement manuals” that are out there. Highly recommended! Toni Snidow (Austin, TX United States), March 27, 2009

I am not a frequent reader of self-help books, but I am interested in original takes on religion and how to make it work for me. I also love poetry. Therefore, the marrying of these two loves made me want to pick this book up despite my reservations. Where I was afraid of finding preachy, hokey exercises, I found a journey plotted out before me, one that promised to show me how to lessen the great amount of hurt I have suffered and show me how to get to what’s next. In that respect, this book surprised me again and again, and I am grateful. The repetition throughout was like a rope to hold on to as I scaled the cliffs of myself. B.E. April 20, 2009

Excellent and Inspirational

This is an inspirational book that I have taken time to savor. Not only do the passages touch poignant human experiences and emotions, they serve also as doorways to deeper wisdom. Many of us have books that we open randomly, and see within the page guidance for the day; insights into life, living, and relationship; and perhaps support for trying times. As well as a wonderful read, “Tend To Your Garden Within” is one of them for me. Gerry Starnes, April 20, 2009

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of Tend Your Garden Within. It is a beautiful book, with so many helpful and compassionate lessons and insights. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world! Heather Ash, April 24, 2009

Tend to Your Garden Within shares deep revelations of the inner self. Shervin’s genuine presentation reflects his communications with spirit, healing of the inner child and honoring the sacred journey of his soul… A true inspiration! Bonnie Lewis, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Speaker April 28, 2009

I had the pleasure to read your book, it is simple and yet profound. Thank you very much for sharing your gift with us, I truly enjoyed it. Doris Luft, Miami, Florida, September 16th, 2009

An Intensely Personal Journey

What is this book? I was enticed by the talk of a spiritual journey – and it certainly was that.  Some have called this a self help book, and – particularly towards the end – it is certainly that too. But ultimately I feel this book is an intensely personal journey of the author, shared with the reader through a series of meditations.

In many ways this reminds me of the great journals of the 17th and 18th centuries – not in terms of how it is written, nor in scope – but in the desire to set down in print a record of one’s life journey. As you read this book you travel with the author through a year or more of his life. You experience his grief and see his insights. The meditations on his father are deeply moving, and others – such as the one on forgiveness – are profound.

There is much talk of God, and the reader is left with the sense of a spiritual journey. But fundamentalists of any stripe will be frustrated that there is very little in the way of any kind of theology to disagree with. This is not a polemical book at all. It is a book to encourage self reflection and to just appreciate the author’s self reflection.

Personally I do not hold with any of the ideas of shamanism, which form a large part of the latter part of the book (and perhaps suffuse the rest of the work). But ultimately that does not matter much, because the book does not attempt to convince you anything is true – it merely asks you to consider things. Time spent on self reflection is never wasted, so the advice of the book is timeless.

One criticism is the price of this book. Probably not something the author can control, but it is a little high in the UK at least. Probably something to do with importing copies in small numbers. Sir Furboy (Aberystwyth, UK) , September 19, 2011


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