Three Steps to Energize Your Life

Do you feel you have low energy?  Is it hard to get motivated and be focused?

Besides eating well and exercising, there are at least three steps you can take by yourself without spending any money to re-energize yourself and your life.

  • Be more present:  How much of your time do you spend focusing on the past? How much of your time do you spent worrying about the future? Stop it! Just let past and worry of future go away for five minutes.  Can you get out of your head? Can you stop analyzing things? Can you just sit quiet and follow your breath? Listen to your body! Try it. Experience it.
  • Accept yourself: You are meant to be you! Why do you spend so much energy to be somebody else and deny and ignore your own needs? Accept your own good and bad.  Do not pretend to be somebody that you are not! Repeat with me: Nobody is perfect and I love who I am! Repeating this by itself may bring you peace of mind and less tension within.
  • Trust:  If you have the belief, supported by your own experiences, that the Universe is friendly then by often reminding yourself of that fact you can experience a more joyful life. Admit it, you cannot do everything by yourself. The Universe, like the sun, does not discriminate or make judgments; its rules and blessings are applied to everyone and everything. Mind your own business (change what you can) and allow the Universe to do his/her job. Have faith and trust that best is happening for you. Take action toward your goals without worrying and obsessive urge to control every event.

These steps are part of a process that we need to practice daily to eventually integrate within us. Please share your experiences in this regard.

Copyright @2015 by Shervin Hojat

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