Two Sides of the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule says
do to others what you want to be done to you.

Do you follow this rule?

Many spiritual people do.

You may love or care for humanity.

You may be a forgiving person that forgives others easily.

You may be bringing joy to others all the time.

You may go out of your way to

praise and encourage others when they are down.

The Golden Rule has two sides.

The other implied side is

to do to yourself as you do to others.

Do you follow this rule?

Why not?

Isn’t the same God that is within others

within yourself as well?

You may be forgiving of others all the time.

Are you forgiving yourself all the time?

You may be encouraging others all the time.

Do you encourage and support yourself as well?

You may have empathy for people’s suffering.

Do you have empathy and compassion for your own hurts?

You may love or care for humanity.

Do you love or care for yourself the same way?

You may have time for others.

Do you make time for yourself

to be with family or just chill out?

When we nourish ourselves we can give more.

Copyright @2010 by Shervin Hojat

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