What are you focusing on?

What have you been preoccupied with and focusing on lately?

This is a worthwhile question to ask every day.

A good friend of mine sent me a lively tango video of two cute elderly couples dancing tango in an open area.

That video of their dance brought big smile to my face.

I later pondered, “What is most unique about the couple?”

The first thing that came to my mind was their focus!

Their focus and pre-occupation was on spending quality time dancing freely.

They were not performing for anyone, but performing together playfully.

The couple could have easily put their focus on many other ‘real’ things (their age, worry about future, health, …) that could have taken away their joy instantly.

Most likely, they are healthy and can dance at such an age, because they have a habit of focusing on what they can control and matters the most to them.

It is easy to lose track of our focus, if we are stuck in self-pity, constantly thinking of what is wrong or listening to fearful news.

If we constantly feel angry, are resentful or are fearful, we most likely have a wrong focus, and a change of focus and change of course is required.

Changing of course can be sparked by asking a simple question and waiting for an answer.

“What can I do today, to bring some joy and laughter to myself and to people around me?”

Maybe the answer you receive is to “count your blessings”.

Or, “go dance in the street” or “go dance in your kitchen”.

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