Learning from Blossoms

by Shervin on March 23, 2019

Spring is around the corner. You already may have noticed blossoms of fruit trees if you are living in a warmer climate. Some of the blossoms are aromatic and colorful.

These blossoms will disappear shortly.  All the beautiful petals will fall-off and the blossoms start turning into fruits.  Fruits bring us similar joy as the blossoms did.

This is part of process of nature.

Imagine if the blossoms resisted losing their petals and their transformation. After all, they are beautiful, and people enjoy watching and smelling them. If they do not lose their petals, there would not be any fruits and fruit trees would not deliver what they were destined for. 

Like blossoms, we may have many beautiful things that we do not desire to let go of. Our predictable relationships, our youth, our comfortable jobs, our aging parents, our pets and friends.  This is not possible to hold on to.  Like the fruit tree blossom, we are on a path of destiny that requires letting go with a graceful transition.

Blossoms let go of their petals with ease and transform with beauty and grace.

We are also required to appreciate the beautiful (and not so beautiful) experiences that we have had and let them go when required.  Every stage of letting go, brings us depth of feelings, new perspectives, maturity and growth.

What beautiful experiences are you holding on to that requires letting go to enhance your growth?

What bitter experiences are you holding on to that requires letting go to enhance your growth?

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by Shervin on March 9, 2019

How can we feel more satisfied and abundant?

The general trend in most societies is that we need to have more things.

If that is the case, then why so many wealthy people are not happy and do not feel satisfied?

What brings us satisfaction and feeling of abundance is inner appreciation not necessarily what we buy.

How is that possible?

You do not need to own the oceans to appreciate the beauty of sunset on water.

You do not need to own a beach front property to enjoy walking on the beach.

You do not need to own a zoo to appreciate the birds.

You do not need to own jungles to appreciate the trees and tree blossoms.

You do not need to own a dog to love animals.

You do not need to have advanced degree to have empathy and understanding.

You however need the right mindset and open heart to appreciate your life.

Appreciation arises from our attitude and belief about life.

Appreciation arises from celebrating to be alive, despite all the challenges we may be facing.

Appreciation arises from being free of past or future and enjoying what is in front of us.

Appreciation arises when we open ourselves to connect with the Universe without any conditions or expectations.

What do you appreciate that gives you a deep satisfaction?

Copyright @2019 by Shervin Hojat


Invisible Walls

by Shervin on February 23, 2019

We erect invisible walls defining who we are and how we should function within those walls.

How do we recognize such walls?

Those walls can be felt and sensed.

As we get close to those walls in boundaries of our lives, at first, we have feeling of contraction and fear.

Observe your feelings when you feel fear and are very uncomfortable in an aspects of your life. You are at the edge of such wall.

The wall is our safe identity and comfort even though it confines us.

In some areas of our lives, the wall may be several yards away and we may feel more sense of freedom, expansion and joy.

Through awareness, hard work, humility, non-attachment and divine intervention we push these walls farther away.

We may measure our success in life in how large of an area we are walled in compared to others.

We are still walled in.

What would our lives be like if those walls did not have any impact on behavior at all?

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Symphony of My Heart is Available on Amazon

by Shervin on February 13, 2019

I am very excited to announce availability my latest book,Symphony of My Heart, on Amazon.

Book Description

We seek to experience the divine through our relationships. Our longing to experience the divine starts in childhood through our parents and extends to others as an adult. Through trials and tribulations in our relationships we learn and understand what is important and what brings us ultimate joy.

These poems are meant to connect with you and validate your feelings: the times that you felt excitement, anticipation, longing, bliss, the feeling of a magical dream come true, disappointment of separation and loss, doubt, emptiness, and anger. Each emotion transforms you and points to what you truly seek and desire.

Read when you are in a high or low mood; in pain or joyous. Symphony of My Heart will ignite the hearts of all readers.


Please order a Kindle copy or paper back and enjoy reading the book.





When Short Term Becomes Permanent

by Shervin on February 10, 2019

When we are in transition, we may take several short term actions toward our ultimate goal.

Many short term actions may end up becoming permanent without even realizing it.

What are some of the important short term decisions that may become permanent?

  • Where you reside and your environment which is not desirable
  • Your job and career which you may not enjoy at all
  • Expression of your truth and feelings that you hold back not to rock the boat
  • Certain sacrifices you make for short term
  • Physical activity that you may do less for something more urgent
  • Meditation and self-care due to lack of time

If we get distracted or do not get out of short term situations in a reasonable time, we may become comfortable in an uncomfortable situation (we did not plan for) which has many adverse impact on our happiness and health.

It is important to have access to caring friends or good coaches to help us to keep our momentum toward what we truly desire.

Take a look at look at important aspects of your life: career, heath, finance, spirituality and relationship. Which ones are short term and you are looking forward to something more fulfilling?

How long has it been in a short term situation?

What do you need to do to keep moving forward?

Copyright @2019 by Shervin Hojat


Prayer and Connection

by Shervin on January 29, 2019

Couple of days ago, I was reminded that we have free will. That means if we need help, spirit and guides will not interfere until we ask for help first.

That drew me to re-visit and investigate how to connect, communicate and pray effectively.

I found out that you need to be in a state of gratitude (by remembering blessings that you may take for granted) and express what you desire with humility.

This is different than other form of prayers when we are sad, desperate and beg from the spirits or God.

I also realized many of us communicate (with spirit or subconscious) in an undesirable way. We get irritated and we repeat how bad things are. At the best it is a form of venting about problems and not stating what we desire instead. Also, this form of venting lowers our vibration and puts our focus on what we do not want or do not have.

I have found out when I communicate in state of gratitude and humility, I am calmer, more relaxed and things go with ease during the day.

I like to share a prayer that I recite before I go to work. I have several prayers for different aspects of my life.

“Hi Angels, I request the most benevolent outcome at my work today. I like to experience ease, synchronicity, abundance, insight, appreciation, joy and cooperation. This or something better for my highest good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”

Do you communicate with the spirit or your guides?

What form of communication brings you the most joy and feeling of connection?

Copyright @2019 by Shervin Hojat



What If You Are Dreaming?

by Shervin on January 14, 2019

Have you been in a dream and all of sudden you realize that you are dreaming? Then you go along with the dream even though the cautious and scared part of you is very uncomfortable.

You may do many things in the dream that may be appear irresponsible or dangerous in your awake life. You do it because you know it is a dream and you are safe.

Through trial, tribulations and insights you may also come to a point that you see your “awake” life as a dream. Like a dream, you may do things that may appear you do not care about anything.

It is not that you do not care, you are lovingly unattached. You know all the drama in front of you is just a play in a dream. You wisely preserve you energy and not waste it on worry and being fearful.

When you realize that your awake life is just a dream then you can be playful and calm. You can choose where to put your energy into.

What are some factors helping you reach such a realization and insight?

Some factors are: ability to let go of ego, humility and awareness. One of the most important factor is the belief that ‘everything is OK now’ and ‘you are taken care of’.

How would live your life differently if you knew it is just a dream?

Copyright @2019 by Shervin Hojat



Happy New Day!!!

by Shervin on December 31, 2018

Many people are excited about the coming year because it is new and provides hope that their situation will change and get better.

Every year has a new vibration and mass’s desire for change has a positive energetic impact on everyone.

We also have a free will. How a new year is different for you?  What are you bringing new to this year?

I imagine a new year similar to a bathtub with fresh, clean water in it. When we get into it, if we drag in all the old things that we are holding on to, soon that clean water will get muddy.

To celebrate the New Year and a new beginning, we need to end old things that no longer serves us and replace them with something better. This does not need to be something massive.

What are the old things that no longer serve you?

Maybe you decide smile more.

Maybe you take care of yourself more.

Maybe you decide to release some of your old habits

Maybe you decide not to focus on past hurts and let them go.

Maybe you focus more on what makes you happy.

The key to change is to identify what no longer serves you and replacing it with what gives you more life and energy.

Remember that every day can be a new year. You do not need to wait a year to make a change. You can do it today. Every day is a new opportunity.

Happy New Year and New Day!!!

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

by Shervin on December 16, 2018

It takes time to realize our life purpose. As we get older and wiser, that realization gets a bit easier.

How do you know if you are living your life purpose?

In my opinion, signs of living one’s life purpose are ease and pure joy within.

Many people do not believe they have lived their life purpose if it is not supported by external metrics such as number of followers, amount of wealth or approvals by friends and family. Imagine trying to be at ease and at the same time controlling chaotic and unpredictable external factors!

What do you think  life purpose of beautiful flower is? Is it being the best it can be in its magnificence or worrying about how to attract people to adore its beauty?

What is life purpose of a beautiful flower in a wilderness with nobody there to notice?

Sometimes we confuse the side effect of life purpose with the purpose itself. The flower is noticed because it is living its life purpose not because people adore its life purpose.

The only true metrics for knowing if you are living your life purpose is internal. It is not dependent on how many people appreciate you (they may do it because of your ease and authenticity). If we focus on getting appreciations from others while living our life purpose, we will side track from our life purpose all together.

The internal metrics of checking on life purpose are as follows:

– Am I following my heart?

– Am I honest with myself?

– Am I enjoying what I am doing?

– Do I have attachment to how people judge success of my life purpose? (If yes- it is a red flag)

Remember, following your life purpose is easy and enjoyable.

The most difficult task of living your life purpose is awareness to challenge old habits and programs on how one should measure life purpose’s success.

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


What To Give?

by Shervin on December 3, 2018

What you give and reasons for giving are very important.

In a previous blog, I discussed expectations associated with giving.

Today, I address issue of what to give.

Consider two scenarios:

  • You give away what you do not need or care for.
  • You give away and share what you care for and appreciate.

Which one of those situations is derived from more love and will bring you more joy and satisfaction?

Look at examples in nature. Animals and plants out of love give away the best of what they have.

Giving always impacts the receiver. Giving is much more meaningful if it also impacts the giver.

Our relationship with what we give is very important.

We need to give away and share what we appreciate and love the most.

  • If time is important to you, volunteer your time.
  • If money is important to you, give your money.
  • If being heard is important, give your time by listening to someone.
  • If being right is important to you, acknowledge someone for being right.
  • If homemade meal is important to you, make a homemade meal for someone.
  • If being at peace is important to you, be peaceful toward someone.
  • If feeling loved is important to you, give love to someone.


Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


I am not worthy!!!

by Shervin on November 18, 2018

Many of us have such a belief.

What are the drawbacks with the belief that you are not worthy?

  • You will not be happy and calm except for few seconds when you accomplish something worthy.
  • You need to prove your worth over and over which is a huge burden.
  • Your decisions are mostly based on lack of worth.
  • Your interaction with others are not balanced.

Also, since your worth is what you do, if someone destroys your work or criticize it you may feel devastated and worthless.

You work hard, sacrifice your health, time and your well-being and go extra mile to feel worthy.

When you reach your goal, you are content for a short time and then you have to start all over to prove you are worthy again by more accomplishments.

It is like a thirsty person that no amount of water extinguish his/her thirst.

Besides being unhappy most of the time, the work you do will be mediocre.

Why? No-one can do a great work while believing they are not worthy.

Some questions to ponder:

  • How such a belief is in your highest good?
  • Can you drop the belief that you are not worthy?
  • What do you have to lose if you change your belief?

Observe the response.

  • Whose voices are those?
  • Who is in change?

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


When Love Knocks

by Shervin on November 4, 2018

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

What will you do if the love you desire knocks on your door today?

At first you may be very excited. Later on, you may reject the love and sabotage it.

How can that happen?

Your fears and doubts kick in:

  • You may feel that you are not worthy of love yet.
  • You may feel you do not have the right body size or enough money.
  • You may feel that you became lucky today; you may not stay lucky tomorrow.
  • You may feel some kinds of strings are attached.
  • You may feel the person deserves someone better.
  • They do not know your weakness and if they did they will not love you; so you may reject them first.
  • You have been hurt before.

This scenario is similar to going to a garden and questioning motivation of flowers or questioning your worthiness or state of mind prior to allowing yourself to enjoy color and smell of flowers.

The amount of love we can receive is proportional to our capacity for love. The more we have stories about ourselves or more conditions we put on the experience, the less capacity we have to experience love.

We delay experiencing love when we hold on to the expectation of shape and form of love that we should experience.

One can enjoy a beautiful flower in the garden at the moment, or can be sad about not having such a garden in their own house, or be sad on how soon those flowers will perish.

In my experience, fear, doubt, holding on to the past, and expectations are obstacles in receiving love.

What are your obstacles in receiving more love?


Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


Being Yourself

by Shervin on October 21, 2018

You have heard the statement that “I want to be myself”.

What does it really mean?

For some, it simply means do not want to be like person X or under control of person X.

Such a reaction is natural and common. It is like going to a restaurant to order a meal and you say “I do not want a hamburger”. Great first step.

How can you be yourself, if you do not know who you are?

How can you get to know who you are?

The prerequisites for finding the answer is to be free and honest with self.

How much of your daily actions are based on your inner freedom?

  • Do you feel free to express your opinions?
  • Do you feel OK if others do not agree with you?
  • Are you free enough not to care how others judge you?
  • Are you free enough to question your assumptions?
  • Are you free enough to follow your heart?

To know you, first you need to become aware of factors that block your freedom.

Take inventory of your thoughts and action for a day.

  • How many of them are energetic and heart centered?
  • How many of them are out of obligation and you force yourself to do them?
  • How many of them are reactions to people and events?

How free are you?


Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


Painless Giving

by Shervin on October 8, 2018

Do you like to give without future pain and disappointments?

If yes, then you need to drop expectation of getting something in return for your giving.

You may say that you always give without expectation. Is it true?

The true test is when you feel angry when somebody that you did a lot for, did not do similar thing in return.  You may feel furious and upset at your generosity and the other person.

To give requires honesty with ourselves and open communication with others.

If you do not want to give for sake of giving, then choose not to give.

If you want to give and want something in return, say it so upfront or make a contract. This at the beginning may take courage on your part.

Giving without expectation is a great spiritual practice. Clarify your intentions before any act of giving anything small or large. It will lift up your spirit and frees you from bondage of expectations and future pains.

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


Your Life Is Precious

by Shervin on September 23, 2018

You have heard that life is precious and we need to appreciate it.

But why, if most of the time we feel less than great about our lives.

It is because we have taken many things for granted.

Have you thought about odds of you being born? Your parents, grandparents and great grandparents and ancestors had to exist on a suitable planet like Earth to start their lives. They stayed alive despite all the wars, famines and diseases. They met the right person at the right place and time, they liked each other enough and conceived a child who survived childhood. Isn’t your existence unique and worthy of appreciation?

How about a butterfly that you see and take a picture of? Out of 100 butterfly eggs only 1 or 2 become butterfly.  A butterfly needs to be at the right place and time for you to see and take a picture. Isn’t this unique and worthy of appreciation?

How about your pet that you love dearly? How many things had to go right before that unique animal to be alive and stay in your life? Isn’t this unique and worthy of appreciation?

No matter how you are feeling at this moment, many things had to happen to make this feeling possible and so many things had to go right or not so right. How many dangers and disease did you bypass since childhood in order to be here today? What you are feeling by itself is a miracle and is very precious.

Look at your body and how many things working automatically which you really have no control over them. How many things needed to go right so you can wake up this morning and be able to read this article?

That is why your life and your experience are very unique.

You are very unique and the life you are living is very precious.

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


Memories and Beliefs

by Shervin on September 9, 2018

Why is it that most of our great memories are from our childhood?

Why it is that those memories are very simple in nature?

Why is it as an adult, simple such things in our lives do not create such great experiences anymore?

Why a scoop of ice cream was very memorable as a child while a gallon of ice cream now does not give us close to that satisfaction?

As a child three factors were working in our favor which helped us naturally to be in the NOW:

  • We were curious without expectations
  • We did not have much past memories
  • We did not have much of limiting belief systems

As an adult three factors are working against being in the NOW (enjoying like a child):

  • Good memories cause us to compare past with our current experiences
  • Bad memories that cause us not to be open to new experiences
  • Belief system on how thing should and should not be

As an adult we may have more expensive toys, eat fancier food, have bigger houses and more friends and yet we may not enjoy more memorable experiences.

To experience NOW we need to drop our past memories.

What memories good or bad are causing you not to be in the NOW?

What memories and beliefs cause you not to appreciate and enjoy what is in front of you?

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


Safeguard Your Sanctuary

by Shervin on August 26, 2018

Would you allow bugs to crawl into your room every morning?

I would assume most people you would say, no!

Your room and home is your sanctuary. The bugs may disturb your peace of mind.

Many times, out of habit, we allow fear and anxiety in – without even being aware of them. We allow our sanctuary (heart and mind) to be invaded.

In my experience, social media and news are mostly negative. They are very effective in creating anger and fear.

Last week, I was wondering why I am not as calm as I used to be when I left for work.

I realized that lately, after waking up and before meditation, I quickly checked the news and social media. That was the source of my agitation! I was allowing my sanctuary to be invaded by sources that drained my energy, when I was the most vulnerable.

I stopped my habit of checking news and I felt much calmer afterwards.

This does not mean to cut off from news and social media. It means picking and choosing when to allow them in during the day.

Which of your habits allows your sanctuary to be invaded?

What habits can you let go?

What habits can you start that can bring your more energy and peace?

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


Trust and Delegate

by Shervin on August 12, 2018

You have set your goals. You have worked so hard with focus and determination to overcome all the unexpected obstacles. Yet, there are more obstacles. You feel trapped, exhausted and frustrated.

What will you do?

Sometimes you need to delegate and let go.

You have done your best. Now leave it to the Universe for the outcome that is for your highest good. Be open minded on how it will happen.

If you believe and trust that highest good will come to you, you will feel free, feel more relaxed and will be happier. You will sleep better and new ideas may come to you easier without much effort.

Relax, trust and delegate; take some time from controlling every step.

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat



How To Reduce Suffering

by Shervin on July 29, 2018

In my experience, steps required to reduce our suffering and allowing more joy in our lives are to feel our emotions and let go of our stories that created those emotions!

What do I mean by this?

If you feel sad, feel your sadness. Do not go around repeatedly telling yourself or others that “you are alone” or “nobody loves you”. Drop the attachment to the story!

We may need to experience sadness, anger, loss or loneliness as part of our soul experience or karma. But it is our choice to hold on to experiencing those feelings and prolonging suffering.

Our thoughts create feelings in us. It does not matter if the thought is accurate or not, the emotion is evoked as the result.

When we with deep emotion we repeat our stories, our subconscious without judgement provides that experience of “you are alone” or “nobody loves you” over and over again. Subconscious does not judge. It just provides you what you are stating with strongest emotion as a life experience.

Next time that you feel sad, feel it deeply!  Drop the reason why you are sad. If you like to say anything, re-direct your subconscious by what you want to experience next.

For example:    People show up in my life who love and appreciate me (instead of I am alone)

I am open and willing to experience love (nobody loves me)

Give this simple concept a try. The best way to know truth of something is to experience it.

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


Tomorrow’s Happiness

by Shervin on July 16, 2018

Everyone is chasing the illusive tomorrow’s happiness and they have a great plan for being happy in the future. The plan is something like this:

– When I finish my big project then I will be happy

– When my illness ends then I will be happy

– When this weekend comes then I will be happy

The ego mind has an elaborate mechanism to have you chase mirage of tomorrow’s happiness. This kind of conditional happiness, if ever arrives is very short lived.

Your project ends and you are thinking about the next project already before you have experience any happiness. If you are grateful, perhaps you had celebrated end of your project for three minutes!

Your illness ends and you think of what else may go wrong next or what activities you had missed already. You are not experiencing happiness!

Weekend comes and you try to make up for all the sadness during the week, but you are not able to. You are exhausted and by Sunday all you can do is to think about the dreaded Monday!

How to end the mirage of chasing for tomorrow’s happiness?

Happiness is either in this moment or does not exist. Tomorrow is like this present moment which also needs to be fully experienced.

We do not need to deserve happiness or work for happiness to experience happiness. Happiness is our natural state. When we release our beliefs and are connected to our inner Self, happiness is experienced without any effort.

We do not need to run toward mirage of tomorrow’s happiness; the happiness in in front of us and is available to be experienced without any conditions.

What are your beliefs about joy and happiness? Did you today count and felt your blessings?

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat