Doing the Right Thing for The Wrong Reason

Our reasons in doing things matters a lot. Finding out about our real motives is a great way to know ourselves and make necessary changes if we chose so.

Let us look at some reasons for doing something right with two different motives.

–  Reason for helping people

   1- Love to help others

    2- Shows that I have value or want people to like me

–  Reason for Getting married

   1- Share joy together

   2- Feel Lonely

– Reason for having children

   1- Love children

   2- Somebody to take care of me at old age

–  Reason for buying a new home

   1- My dream house

   2- Need to keep up with my siblings

–  Reason for getting into politics

   1- Help others

    2- Cushy job to get wealthy and powerful

-Reason for worshiping God

1-Feel him/her in my heart

2-Fear of punishment

All the above actions are considered right. But its spiritual and psychological quality depends on their reasoning and motives. Unhealthy motives like fear, greed and lack take our joy and inner peace away and leave us empty.

What is one right thing which you do that you think it requires to have a different motivation?

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