Loss of Loved one

As part of life, most of us will experience loss of our parents which may shake foundation of our emotional and physical security.

People react to a loss differently. Some stay angry about the loss. Some stay numb for a long time. Some feel guilty for not doing more with them when alive. Some are grateful for the experience of having the loved ones in their lives. Some may be happy that their suffering has ended.  Some grieve and honor their love ones by making a difference in the world.

I met a heart doctor who is one of the best heart doctors in the US. At age 20, after playing tennis with his father, his father had a sudden heart attack in the locker room and the father died in his arms. He was devastated and he bounced back despite the loss. He did not focus on how unfortunate he was or why others had more time with their fathers than him. He did something amazingly positive.

He decided that no father or mother should die due to a preventable heart disease. He went to medical school and became one the best heart doctors in the country. He has saved many lives since his father’s death.  After 48 years, he still gets teary eyes when he talks about his father. Yet his loss has turned into gains for many people enabling them to spend more time with their loved ones.

If you are experiencing loss of a loved one take time to grieve and keep asking the following questions:

– How would your loved one want you to be and react?

– How can you honor her or him?

– How can you continue his/her legacy?


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