Expressing the Taboo

by Shervin on November 10, 2014

When we participate in a group healing, usually several people experience and express collective feelings of the group. When one leads the way to express and experience something, it lets others know it is Ok to do so as well. When you are in a group setting and you have experienced a feeling and are […]

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Our Emotions

by Shervin on September 15, 2014

There are times we feel a strong emotion and we are surprised at its intensity. Have you ever asked whose emotion it is when you are in that situation? Typically we assume all the source of our emotions are from within. Our source of our emotions are generally based on our experiences and our thought […]


Ancestral Healing

by Shervin on August 17, 2014

We are all healers. As healers we need to go through our own healing and growth as well as helping heal others. Recently, I felt a need for a healing to be facilitated by Shannon, who lives in Houston, Texas. This was two days before I was teaching a class about eye patterns and the […]