What can we do to positively impact this chaotic world?

Letting go (fear, anger, …) , connecting to our essence and being in the moment is the most effective way to be a source of  joy, love and understanding to ourselves and others.


As If

Sing as if you are the most elegant songbird.

Dance as if you are freed.

Smile as if you see your beloved.

Cry as if you are a spring feeding a thirsty plant.

Cook as if you have an honored guest.

Breathe as if the last breath you want to remember.

Observe as if the first time your eyes see.

Listen as if you do not know anything.

Smell the flower as if she has a secret message for you.

Give as if there is no end to its source.

Receive as if the Sun is warming you up on a chilly day.

Internalize the sunset as if your soul stores the best images.

Hug as if it is the last hug to remember.

Stay still so you can feel the oneness.

Listen to silence so you can hear the music.

Love so you can experience yourself!

Copyright @2021 by Shervin Hojat

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