Why Me?

Am I being punished?

We can understand why ‘bad’ people may go through hardships. They may deserve it!

We do not understand why good and loving people go through hardships. It does not seem deserving.

The hardships we may go through is not a punishment, it is part of the evolution of our soul on this planet.

What makes a diamond rare and precious, is its character developed due to experiencing hardship (high temperature and pressure).

What makes a soul beautiful is the degree of its evolution.

Evolution of soul requires, letting go of attachments and false beliefs which can create hardship due to our resistance.

The more evolved a soul is, the less of the hardship may be internalized.

Attaining anything worthwhile, requires some form of hardship.

If you are faced with hardship, be kind and gentle with yourself, be steadfast, it is part of the evolution of your soul.

Perspectives on hardship from two of my favorite teachers:

  • “Where there is Ruin, there is a hope for treasure.” ~ Rumi
  • ” Braving obstacles and hardships is nobler than retreat to tranquility. The butterfly that hovers around the lamp until it dies is more admirable than the mole that lives in a dark tunnel.” ~Khalil Gibran

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