Comfort Zone

Where is your comfort zone? What is it that scares you about crossing the comfort zone? What are you avoiding?

Getting out of comfort zone is directly proportional to our growth and happiness. Have you done something that you felt uncomfortable doing and after doing it you felt good about yourself? Remember, the interview, the first speech, the dentist appointment or the first time you did anything?

We all have different issues that makes us uncomfortable. For some is public speaking. For some is saying “no”. For some is saying “I love you”. For some is saying “I am sorry”. For some is doing something imperfect or unplanned. For some is making a cold call. For some is being criticized. For some is asking someone you admire to dinner and fearing rejection. For some is asking someone who is a good dancer to a dance.

Take a moment and identify issues that make you uncomfortable. Is staying in that comfort zone in your highest good? Is staying in the comfort zone helps you to reach your dreams?

You do not need to do anything uncomfortable that needs to grab headlines. Small steps are a great start. Pick up the phone. Send the email. Approach the person. Just do it and have fun! Life is too short to live in fear.

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