What I Learned from Painting

Are our hobbies just a way to relax or do they have deeper meanings?

For fifty years, I had a belief that I could not paint (my mother was a great artist and she did my painting homework for me to get a better grade at school).  Then at age 50, I started taking painting classes. There was no expectation so I could relax and enjoy painting without worrying about a “good’ grade.  It was not easy at first.  My engineering mind wanted guaranteed, efficient step by step process which did not exist. I learned to be patient and follow my instinct. For several years I expressed myself through my paintings and that was one of the best things I had done as a hobby.

What did I learn from my painting experience?

1- There were no mistakes and I could always paint over what I did not like.

2- In order to magnify bright colors I need to have much darker colors in the background.

3- Paint what I like to paint (do not follow the other students or even the teacher).

How does the painting experience apply to our day-to-day life?

1- There are no mistakes. Every experience teaches us something and we always have choices to do something different.

2- We can shine and make a big difference despite all the darkness around us.

3- Do what you enjoy in your life and it is fine to be unique in your own way.

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