Nurture Your Heart!

We are often nurture ourselves intellectually and forget to nurture ourselves through our heart. We may do all the right things and yet we do not enjoy our lives deeply.

What does it mean to nurture ourselves intellectually? You may go to the gym because is good for you not necessary because you want to do it. You may eat broccoli because it is good for you not because you love it. You may go to family gatherings because it is expected of you not because you want to be there.

How do we nurture ourselves through our heart? It is about listening to our child within. Listening to your child within is not about hurting others. It is about listening to the most pure part of us. It can be as simple as jumping in the ocean with your clothing on. It may be about walking in a heavy rain. It may be about doing something that you have never done before. It may be about hugging someone for 30 seconds and telling them you love them. It may be about buying the gadget you may buy for others and not for yourself. It is all about being, and listening to your heart without any fear or judgement.

Why would you not want to nurture that child? You may hear one or more voices in your head: “get serious!”, “I am an adult and I need to act as expected”, “I will do it later when I have no major responsibility”. The core reason for not nurturing our child within may be the fear of unknown – that the child within may become too demanding and get out of control!

What are things that nurtures your heart? Make a list of them. Make sure on a weekly basis you do something on the list to nurture your heart.  Ignore the “adult” voice for a while; after-all that voice may not even be your voice!!!

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