When kindness is Very Unkind

We all are here to learn our lessons and most of the time the learning is through some kind of emotional and/or physical pain.

When a toddler starts walking, he/she at first will fall down, feel scared and even may get bruised.

Imagine, if we carry the toddler on our shoulder and not allow her/him to learn to walk and fall down because we cannot stand them being upset or see them bruised and crying.

Our ‘kindness’ which in reality is selfishness will not help in the growth and independence of that toddler.

We learn lessons and grow not only as toddlers but also as adults. As adults, we will fall down and get bruised up in a different way.

If we out of kindness do not allow our friends or family to learn their lessons and bail them out emotionally or financially, we not only have not been kind to them, but also have harmed them.

Extreme kindness which stunts the growth of an individual, is not kindness, it is an act of ignorance and selfishness to feel good at the expense of others who we claim we care for.

What aspect of your life are you too kind, stunning the growth of others and what aspect of your life do you need to be kinder to help with the growth of others?

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