Friends in the Mirror

Like attracts like. We can learn about ourselves by looking at attributes and challenges of our best friends or clients.

Your friends at the surface may have diverse interests, have different nationalities or beliefs. They may be married or unmarried. On the surface nothing may seem to be in common between you and your friends.

You need to dig deeper.

Make a list of five of your best friends (which can include your family).

Р What do you adore about them?

– What are their biggest challenges in their lives?

Look at the attributes of what you adore about them. How much of those attributes do you think you have in you?

Look at the attributes of their challenges. How much of it exist in you?

I followed the above regarding five of my close friends. Well, I found out that my friends are loyal, spiritual with keen intuition, do not fit in and are very creative. I also found out their biggest challenge was their own mind (self-doubt and worry) which is a tool for self-sabotage and not being present.

Does this tell me something about me? Yes, of course!

What are attributes and challenges of some of your friends?

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