Junk Food of Soul

Do you consume junk food?

If no, how do you manage staying off junk food?

When I was younger I used to consume junk food.

Later on, I realized that eating junk food makes me agitated.

I am no longer attracted to junk food even though they are prominently displayed everywhere in the stores. I prefer having my state of calm.

We not only feed our body junk food, we also feed our soul junk food.

Junk food of the soul, also brings down our vibration and keeps us stressed, angry and anxious.

Junk food of the soul is sticky. Like a virus, it needs a host to survive while replicating itself.

Junk food of soul, is our repeated thoughts and beliefs that keep playing in our head (we host and feed them) while lowering our vibration.

Since we think those thoughts are us, we listen to and take in every thought as truth and relive it.

How many times a day do we listen to and take in thoughts like: “I am not lovable”, “I am a failure”, and ”my future is gloomy”?

Such thoughts are junk food of the soul on a 24×7 binge.

How to reduce feeding junk food to our soul?

  • Become aware of thoughts that lower your vibration; when you are agitated take time to find out what thoughts (junk food) caused that.
  • Mediate; listen to relaxing music; walk in nature; anything that naturally puts you in a state of calm. This is your true nature and needs a reference point as a reminder.
  • Consider your repeating stale thoughts as advertisements; they are planted to manipulate you; ignore them!  You are not your thoughts; you do not have any obligations to those thoughts.

How are you going to nurture your soul today?

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