Unmet Needs

We know nutritious food, exercise, meditation, laughter are all good for us. We also know certain behaviors are not good for us.

When we mention to our friends or family, “You know this is good for you, why you do not do it?”, We hear, “I know!”.

Why we do not do things that benefits us? And do things that are destructive?

One reason, perhaps is that we have unmet needs.

There are some universal needs such as feeling safe, connected, acknowledged, appreciated, heard, valued and loved.

We may not even know what those unmet needs are, but we feel the side effect in our choices.

We may have a need to feel heard. That need may be more important than being civil, not angry or being self-loving.

At subconscious level, we may do things that is not good for us – believing that will help us get what we need.

When someone says, I know this is good for me but I am not doing it. It really means I have unmet needs that are more important to me.

What are things that you know are good for you, you like to do and do not do?

Can you identify one unmet need?

In my experience, when I articulate my unmet needs, there is always an emotional reaction in my body.

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