Halloween Mask

by Shervin on November 5, 2017

Imagine you were a small child and you were invited to a Halloween party that you had to make your own mask. You rushed, dressed up and made a mask based on what was going in your life. You wanted to make sure your mask stayed on for the party so you found a special […]


I Have No Choice

by Shervin on May 22, 2017

How do you react to a situation that you want it to change and you feel you cannot do it?  What is your internal dialogue? You are unhappy in your current job and feel a lot of stress. What do you say to yourself? “I am stuck at this job. I have to pay the […]


Three Months to Live.

by Shervin on November 20, 2016

What would you do differently if you were told that you had three months to live and you had enough money to spend on whatever you wanted? I took a class two weeks ago, and as part of the class I had to answer that question. I wrote: I am going to quit my job […]


Only My Way!!!

by Shervin on October 10, 2016

When we are attached to our beliefs, we may defend our beliefs at the cost of truth our integrity, and our peace of mind. Most of us are not aware of our attachment to our beliefs, yet we can identify others that are defensive and seem to be closed minded about their beliefs. Let us […]


Loss of Loved one

by Shervin on August 2, 2016

As part of life, most of us will experience loss of our parents which may shake foundation of our emotional and physical security. People react to a loss differently. Some stay angry about the loss. Some stay numb for a long time. Some feel guilty for not doing more with them when alive. Some are […]


Sources of Agitations

by Shervin on March 14, 2016

Why you are agitated? What are behind your fear and sadness? “I feel I am worthless”, “I feel I am not lovable”, and “God has forgotten about me” Wow, these are hurtful beliefs.  I can understand how it has created lots of frustration, anger and fear in you since deep down you know they are […]


Do Not Settle!!!

by Shervin on January 18, 2016

Last weekend I was at a Starbucks enjoying a cup of tea. I was sharing a table with a young college student. Next to my table, there was a lady in her early seventies who started talking to the young girl asking her questions and later advising her about love and marriage. I like to […]


Steps to Reduce Worrying

by Shervin on July 6, 2015

Do you worry a lot? Worry is created from disconnect from higher Self and lack of faith and trust in the Universe. Worry has many forms: worry about health, any form of loss, finance, rejection, being wrong, ridiculed and not being good enough among many others. Worry is a form of protection to reduce the […]

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How Often Do Compare Yourself With Others?

by Shervin on May 25, 2015

Do you often compare yourself with others? For most people I think the answer is yes and the deeper question is how often in a day do we engage in this behavior. Have you analyzed the source of most of your sadness? Can comparison with others be the source? You may be sad because you […]


Does Practice Make Perfect?

by Shervin on May 11, 2015

The theme of one of my toastmaster’s meeting was “practice makes perfect”. How do you react to this statement?  What does it mean to you? Do you agree with it? I interpreted it if I practice and focus enough on anything I will get better. In toastmasters, speakers and evaluators have limited time to convey […]

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Are You Seeking Freedom?

by Shervin on April 13, 2015

I was talking with my friend. I was telling her that I want to make lots of money to become free to buy whatever I want and not to worry about money. She asked me a simple question. Are you sure that is freedom? After a while, I realized the depth of her question. Freedom […]

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What is the Benefit of Your Bad Habit?

by Shervin on March 29, 2015

How do your bad habits serve you? Please do not promptly say “they do not!” Dig in a bit deeper. We need to accept we are doing our best that we can based on our belief system. In a sense we are perfect in this moment! I regularly attend Toastmasters. In one of the meetings […]


How Do You Numb Yourself?

by Shervin on March 15, 2015

We all avoid pain. Most of us seek peace and calmness at any expense. If we believe the root of our pain cannot be fixed or it is too much trouble, then we numb ourselves. We may expend lots of energy to distract ourselves, yet be numb, and not deal with sources of our pain. […]

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Facing Our Fear

by Shervin on January 5, 2015

Does growth and self-realization require that we transcend our life’s conditioning and fears?  We naturally do not want to deal with seeming unpleasant feelings such as fear of abandonment and emptiness. Yet, somehow, we face our fears and insecurities, willingly or unwillingly, throughout our lives. My experience is that events (call it unlucky, subconscious, etc.) […]


The Trouble With I Don’t Know!

by Shervin on December 22, 2014

I have misplaced my car keys many times. You most likely have done the same. I have realized when I say “I do not know where my keys are” almost all the times, someone else has to help me to find them or it takes me a long time to locate my car keys. However, […]


Idiot! You Did it Again.

by Shervin on December 8, 2014

As technology advances, we may be able to increase our self-awareness. Let me explain. Imagine in a decade scientist can download our self-talk to appliance like GPS in our car or our phone. Can you imagine what it might be like replacing the voice of a polite woman with a British accent with your voice […]


Scare City

by Shervin on September 1, 2014

What would it be like if you had a recorder and would have recorded all the thoughts you had about your life for day or two? Would you want to play those recordings to a child? To a plant? To your pet? For the majority of us I hope the answer is no! Do we […]