Most people want all the nice things such as good relationship, happiness, spirituality, fit body, great finances but are not committed to deal with challenges and associated sacrifice to get what they want. For most part we have to earn what we desire and nothing valuable is free.

For example, most people want to be fit. If everyone wants to be fit why not everyone is not fit?

There are two issues involved here:

1-      What we say we want as a top priority, is not really one of our true wants. The ‘why’ to what we desire does not really excite us and most likely is like a chore to us.

2-      We are not committed to pain of sacrifice and discipline required to get what we desire.

Yes I am talking about pain and sacrifice. Pain of getting up and going to gym while you want to sleep longer. Pain of doing ten more push-ups when you are tired. Pain of saying no to extra piece of beautiful looking cookie which is also free. Pain of challenging your self-talk constantly that is encouraging you to take the easy way out.

That is why important we know the ‘why’ we are doing something and if that something is what we really want. Because when the associated challenge/pain for what we want kicks in, your ‘why’ has to be much bigger than the pain associated with challenge for us to be successful.

Look at things you have planned for your life or striving for every day. Why you want those? Are there strong enough ‘why’ for those? If not, change to what you really want or find a stronger ‘why’.

Be aware that you be challenged by pain on path to what you desire and your strong and deeply felt ‘why’ keeps you on the course to fulfilling your dreams.

“I have to do it”, “Everyone else does same thing”, “I have to prove that I am worthy”, “This does not make me feel stressed”, “I do not know”, are not strong ‘why’ to withstand distractions and serious challenges to our dreams and wants.

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