Engineer Your Joy

I can help you

  • Understand obstacles to your important relationships and how to overcome them
  • Release your fear and stress
  • Bridge from your desire to your purpose
  • Turn I wish to I will and live the life you want
  • Connect to your deep Emotional Self
  • Express your needs without sounding needy
  • Stop self-sabotage and accept your true Self

You are at this site because you want to do better with your life.

You want to improve your relationships.

You are overwhelmed with emotions and want to deal with them effectively.

You are experiencing shame and blame; it is a sign that you are ready to grow.

You want to find your true value.

You want to break co-dependent cycles.

Coaching, love cards, ancestral influences, conscious language, body language and emotional awareness are some of the modalities I utilize to help you know yourself and reach your goals.

If you are ready to manifest your deepest dreams and desires and change your life, contact me at for an exploratory session to investigate  your dreams and aspirations (All sessions with Shervin is CONFIDENTIAL and I respect your privacy).

To learn more about me go to ABOUT page.