by Shervin


My clients are heart centered, analytical and career oriented people who are here to change the world with their lives and work. These individuals are well liked, motivated, educated, accomplished and usually are not very happy inside. They are always busy and yet rarely have fun.

My clients know their purpose and want to make a bigger difference in this world and do not know how to maneuver around their obstacles. As a result, at times they feel angry, sad and helpless.

My clients experience me a curious ally whose main focus is on them, their agenda and their success. My clients are held accountable for their higher dreams and desires.

I am an Engineer. I help you build a self-aware bridge between what is holding you back and what you want. I help you to know yourself, recognize your gifts, challenge your self-limiting beliefs, raise your awareness, express your needs and help you reach your goals that you feel are impossible to reach. You will be guided to connect with your true self and find your answers within.

As an analytical and career oriented individual (PhD in Electrical Engineering), I have extensively studied many self-discovery modalities and have lived through similar issues that I offer to help you.  I have received coaching and have provided coaching which is a very powerful tool for self-awareness and finding the answers within.

I use many modalities of coaching, eye reading, ancestral influences, conscious language, body language, Enneagram and emotional awareness to help you know yourself and reach your goals.

If you are ready to manifest your deepest dreams and desires and change your life, contact me at shervin@shervinhojat.com for a complementary confidential session to explore your dreams and aspirations.

As the result of coaching with Shervin you will

  • Raise your awareness
  • Reach your goals
  • Understand your inner child’s needs
  • Become aware of your reactive patterns
  • Discover your gifts
  • Verbalize what you need effectively
  • Improve your relationships with your family and friends
  • Enjoy who you are and love yourself
  • Find out about your ancestral influences and how to heal unresolved family patterns
  • Find out your limiting beliefs and transform them