Motivations Matters

Our motivation in doing things provides us clues regarding our consciousness and self-awareness.

To know ourselves, it is crucial to understand our own motivations in doing things – without judging or condemning ourselves.

  • Why do I want to live?
  • Why do I want to succeed?
  • Why do I go to the house of worship?
  • Why do I enjoy helping others?
  • Why do I want to have a family?
  • Why do I hate rejection?
  • Why do I do things that I do not enjoy doing?
  • Why do I conform?
  • Why do I rebel?

Such inquiries are intimate, curious and honest conversations with ourselves, which by themselves are very valuable.

In my inquiries, sometimes I have heard voice of a fearful child. Pointing me to certain conclusions and beliefs from my early childhood. This has been helpful in taking the next steps in my awareness.

I typically decide one the following:

1- Keep doing what I am doing.

 2- Stop doing certain thing because I have a wrong reason for doing it.

3- Still do the thing but change the motivation for doing it (not fear).

If you have not done so lately, I invite you to take a few minutes to become more intimate with yourself by finding out your motivations for doing things.

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