Reflecting On Valentine’s Day

It is very desirable to be able to share care and love with those who we enjoy their company.

However, we need to keep in mind the person who is responsible for making us feel loved, is ourselves!  It is the nature of our thoughts, beliefs and actions that dictate how we may feel on this day or any other day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sharing a poem from years ago:

A day
with many expectations.

A day that you are expected
to show love.

A day with the expectation
of receiving love.

A day when love is measured
on how well you can afford things.

It is great to be appreciated and remembered on this day.

There are 364 other days that you may crave love and attention.

Who is supposed to love you and make you feel good inside all year long?

What kind of flower will bring you constant joy all year long?

What kind of chocolate will bring you constant joy all year long?

Who knows your needs the best?

Who cares about you the most?

Who can bring you joy all year long?

Do not search for the prince or princess out there.

Look in the mirror. It is YOU!

Have you cared about yourself today?

Have you gone within, to know yourself better today?

Have you told your inner child, I love you, today?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Copyright . 2008 Shervin Hojat

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