Pack lightly!
you are just a traveler

Pack lightly!
Do not pack
anger, fear, past hurts, judgement, and restless-ness

Pack what brings you joy
Pack what brings you laughter 

Pack what brings sparkle in your eyes
Pack what accompanies you in a dark lonely night

There will be times
that you travel alone on unbeaten paths

There will be times
that you will have travel companions on your travels

Travelers, at first sight, who you feel you knew them before
Travelers who gradually touch your heart again

Travelers who you enjoy their friendship
Travelers who help you feel comfortable to be vulnerable

Travelers like you, who travel lightly
Travelers with whom
you can laugh, cry, dance, be silly, talk and get lost in the moments

Pack lightly!
Pack only love, and gratitude
Happy Travels


                                       Copyright @2021 by Shervin Hojat

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Author, Teacher, Poet, Engineer
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