Unexpected Events

Plan your best and let life happen in unexpected ways.

Last week I took a vacation with my family. My daughter had planned everything: where to stay, what meals to eat and where to visit.

Her planning made the trip relaxing and drama free. However, the unplanned events were the most memorable events.

One day we took a boat tour on the Ash River near the Canadian border. Rain and swarms of mosquitoes were not surprising during the tour. The hail storm while riding on the boat was not planned!

It was very memorable trying to dodge the hail and stay dry as much as possible.  Also, hail was hitting the pine trees, causing smell of fresh pine cover the area which I had never experienced before so intensely.

I had a great desire to see the sunrise. I woke up early for a few days to do so. Unfortunately those mornings were cloudy and I could not experience the full color of sunrise. I decided not to pursue effort to see the sunrise by setting my alarm. The last day of our stay, I woke up without any alarm around 430 AM and noticed the colorful sky. Wow!  Sunrise and no clouds (it became cloudy later again). I was elated to watch the colors in that early morning mixed with sounds of birds in the background.

Besides spending time with my family, those two events were my memorable highlights of vacation which could not have been planned.

It reminded me that some of the best things in life cannot be planned.

Think back on some memorable times you have had. How much of the experience was planned?

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