Life Purpose

What is my life purpose?

This is a question that sooner or later comes up and we like to have a heartfelt answer for it.

“I am getting older and still do not know what I want and what purpose I have.”

“What used to make me happy, no longer does. Why am I here?”

Does it sound familiar?

There is an unspoken agreements among many people, to live your life purpose, you need to be “successful” which is defined by our society, media and our family.

Those outside definitions of success at the end is not fulfilling, if is not defined from within.

I have thought about this subject often and that definition has changed over years.

For me the ultimate success is

  • Knowing myself
  • Accepting myself (loving myself comes later)
  • Being myself
  • Appreciating what is in my life

Can you imagine buying a tool, without knowing anything about it and trying to use it to fulfill its purpose?

Wouldn’t be much easier, to learn about it, accept its functionality, and then best utilize it?

Most people have small/inaccurate view of who they are and that limits living their purpose.

I believe ultimate life purpose is to love and allow to experience love.

We all take a slightly different path to reach that purpose, due to different life experiences and beliefs.

Does living life purpose take effort?  

No. It is like asking if receiving sun rays takes any efforts.

Does reaching to point to live life purpose (removing obstacles) requires effort and sacrifice?

Yes. It is similar to effort required to walking outside a building to receive the sun rays.  

Some obstacles to living our life purpose are: not knowing who we are, beliefs, lack of humility, expectation and judgement.

Some questions to ponder:

What were some of the most joyful moments in your life? What contributed to that experience? How did you contribute to it?

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