Feeling Lost

Last week I was late to my dance class due to a late meeting at work. As I was driving to my class, at a stop light, I tried to make a phone call. It made a wrong call and I quickly tried to hang up. I kept tapping on cancel button and nothing seemed to work!

Then all of sudden my phone switched to a different mode. It would not take in my passcode and keep repeating loud what I was typing in.

 I felt panic in my body. I felt lost!

How can I go anywhere without GPS? How can I get hold of anyone? 

I decided not to go dance. I was dealing with an emergency!!! I had to remedy this situation first. I had to find my way to an Apple store to get help. How can I go to store without my phone telling me where to go?

I drove toward direction of mall that had an Apple store. After getting lost for a while and with lots of help I found the store. I ran into store and told the technician that I really need his help!

My phone was switched to visually impaired mode, which literally made me feel lost and disoriented. It was fixed by the technician in few seconds.

I was really shocked at my dependency on something that ten years ago I could function without. 

I realized that I have stopped using my memory and stopped paying attention to how I go to places. I was also surprised on my reaction of feeling lost when I realized I am disconnected from the internet. I realized that I had over delegated too many responsibilities to my phone.

How would you feel if you do not receive phone calls, texts, emails or any news for a day?

Do you feel anxious? Why?

What aspect of your life have you over-delegated and are overly dependent on other things?

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