Pain a Cure to be Present

Don’t get lost in your pain, know that one day your pain will become your cure. ~ Rumi

Most people do not appreciate all the blessings they have. They take their blessings for granted and they become busy wanting more and plant seeds of continuous unhappiness in their lives.

Ideally, we can listen to the wisdom of elders about being grateful about our blessings. However, if this knowledge is not experienced deeply, we nod our head and in a short time we forget to practice this wisdom.

When we go through pain, we get a different perspective, we experience it deeply. We understand the transitory nature of life and appreciate our lives with joy and gratitude.

For example:

  • After a severe back pain, normal walking is blissful.
  • After being unemployed, having a job is the cause of feeling joy.
  • After a lung issue, taking deep breaths with ease is a source of immense joy.
  • After being in a painful relationship, a loving and harmonious relationship is a source of gratitude and joy.

When our mind is racing with worry and/or fear of lack, we need to put our focus on all things that we have and have taken them for granted.

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