What Do you value the Most?

What do you value the most in your life?

Do you spend your time wisely on experiencing and attaining those values?

Sometimes we are so busy with tasks that we do not stop and question if what we are doing is the best way to achieve what we value.

For example, let us consider work. What is about work that you truly value? Is it skills, security, money, recognition, feeling useful, joy and/or creativity?

What do you most value about family? Is it closeness, love, safety, support, children and/or tradition?

What do you value the most about relationship, vacation and retirement? Make a list of those values.

Choose top 3 items from the list that you value the most. Let us assume they are: security, joy, and love.

Then ask yourself

What can I do to feel more secure?
What can I do to feel more joy?
What can I do to feel more love?

You may be surprised what answer you may get by asking those questions.

You may realize it is not about working harder at work or making more money. It may be about questioning and changing your own attitude and beliefs that will help you feel more joyful, secure and loved.

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