Partners in the Tango of Life

We often want to eliminate the bad and the ugly. However, the experience of good and desirable things in life are mostly possible due to the existence of their opposite.

The bad and ugly is like a flashlight in a dark night. If they did not exist, we would not distinguish the opposites.

Perhaps that is why sages consider everything in life as good.

In our daily life, we need to be aware of the above reality and do not miss the big picture.

In a movie, without bad characters, there will not be any heroes and the movie will be very boring.

All the good and bad are like actors in a movie of life. Both are required for a full-filling and lively experience.

It is not that we want to encourage and propagate the bad and ugly, rather being aware of their respective roles.

We appreciate the day because of the existence of the night.

We appreciate being full because we have felt hunger.

We appreciate our comfortable bed because we have been uncomfortable on a cold floor.

We feel happiness because we have felt sadness.

We appreciate our health because we have experienced illness.

We long to be together because we have experienced the pain of separation.

We appreciate loyalty because we have experienced betrayals.

We listen carefully because we have experienced not being heard.

We appreciate peace of mind because we have experienced chaos of thoughts.

We rally for peace because we have experienced wars and conflicts.

We seek education because we have experienced the effects of ignorance.

We laugh loudly because we have experienced crying in silence.

We are kind because we have experienced mean-ness.

We seek freedom because we have experienced being in a mental or physical cage.

We give because we have experienced the gift of receiving.

We do not take setbacks seriously, because we have experienced the temporary nature of things.

We share our love because we have experienced what it is like to be in-different.

We savor our lives because we are aware of the shortness of the movie.

In the tango of life, two partners are required: the Opposites.

Both are equal and needed partners to raise our awareness and evolve our souls.

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