Do Not Settle!!!

Last weekend I was at a Starbucks enjoying a cup of tea. I was sharing a table with a young college student. Next to my table, there was a lady in her early seventies who started talking to the young girl asking her questions and later advising her about love and marriage. I like to share some her advice with you.

The lady had lost her husband five years ago and they were married for 22 years. The lady married at age of 44. She first met her future husband at a restaurant for an hour in England. She realized then that he was the one. The next year when the future husband was back in England they met again and year later they got married.

Some advices the she was giving to the young girl were:

  • There is no fixed age for marriage. It is never too late or too early to get married.
  • Fall in love before you get married.
  • Do not marry to just have children.
  • When you see the right one, you will know.
  • It is better to be alone and stay single than to be married and be alone.
  • Do not rush to marry! Wait for the right one.
  • You do not marry the job title or money of the person (security). You marry the person.
  • If the person you love is not as accomplished, it does not matter. Both of you through your love can build whatever you want.
  • Do not settle with anyone. It will diminish shine of your soul.
  • It is not about appearance of the person, it is about what is in his heart.
  • Find a man that can cry! Can express feelings. Tears water tree of love.

At the end the lady told the young girl: I heard you talking with your grandparents and you said the magic world, “I love you”. It takes a good mother to teach you this. Tell your mother, “I love you” often.

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