Do Not Feed the Birds!

Do you know why you should not feed the birds? You may love birds and do not want them to go out in the heat looking for food. You may not want them to experience pain or to suffer. You give them food and gradually they forget who they are and what they can do for themselves. They may even die of starvation someday due to their unhealthy dependence.

Humans are no different than birds. Help them but do not feed them to depend on you. We may feel good that our children, friends and neighbors are depending on our help. However, if our help is making them dependent and preventing their growth, then we are harming them.

You may not want your loved ones to feel any pain or discomfort. You may go out of your way to feel their pain for them and take away that experience from them.  Is this in the best interest of your loved ones? When are they supposed to learn and grow? When are they supposed to become more mature? What is it in you that cannot let them go free?

If you love the birds, let them be wild, independent and free spirited. Do not project your fears and wants on the birds. The same applies to people around you.  Help them when they ask for it. Make sure your action supports their independence, self-esteem and growth.

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