How To Reduce Suffering

In my experience, steps required to reduce our suffering and allowing more joy in our lives are to feel our emotions and let go of our stories that created those emotions!

What do I mean by this?

If you feel sad, feel your sadness. Do not go around repeatedly telling yourself or others that “you are alone” or “nobody loves you”. Drop the attachment to the story!

We may need to experience sadness, anger, loss or loneliness as part of our soul experience or karma. But it is our choice to hold on to experiencing those feelings and prolonging suffering.

Our thoughts create feelings in us. It does not matter if the thought is accurate or not, the emotion is evoked as the result.

When we with deep emotion we repeat our stories, our subconscious without judgement provides that experience of “you are alone” or “nobody loves you” over and over again. Subconscious does not judge. It just provides you what you are stating with strongest emotion as a life experience.

Next time that you feel sad, feel it deeply!  Drop the reason why you are sad. If you like to say anything, re-direct your subconscious by what you want to experience next.

For example:    People show up in my life who love and appreciate me (instead of I am alone)

I am open and willing to experience love (nobody loves me)

Give this simple concept a try. The best way to know truth of something is to experience it.

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