You Matter!

One of the most read popular blogs in the past ten years is titled “You matter”.

Why this subject is so popular?

I think deep down we know our presence matters and makes a difference. However sometimes our mind and our environment creates doubt within us and convince us otherwise.

We are sometimes negligent to acknowledge and express how others matters to us regularly. We may also think that we do not matter, due to our self judgement or arrogance that certain big things matters only.

You matter. You are a miracle. The world needs you the way you are.

Give to others what you expect to receive for yourself. Remind others how they matter to you today!

Give a call to a person you have not heard from lately. Get in touch with a friend that has been quiet on social media and indicate how they matter to you. Tell a loved one how they matter to you. Share your smile with a stranger in the grocery store.


You Matter!

What you do makes a difference.

What you do matters
no matter how trivial it is to you.

Your smiles matter.

Your silence matters.

Your intentions matter.

Your playfulness matters.

Your attitude matters.

Your stories matter.

Your words
even though few in number, matter.

Your helping hand matters
even if was only stretched out
for two seconds.

You make a difference.

You matter.

Copyright 2018 by Shervin Hojat

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