I am not worthy!!!

Many of us have such a belief.

What are the drawbacks with the belief that you are not worthy?

  • You will not be happy and calm except for few seconds when you accomplish something worthy.
  • You need to prove your worth over and over which is a huge burden.
  • Your decisions are mostly based on lack of worth.
  • Your interaction with others are not balanced.

Also, since your worth is what you do, if someone destroys your work or criticize it you may feel devastated and worthless.

You work hard, sacrifice your health, time and your well-being and go extra mile to feel worthy.

When you reach your goal, you are content for a short time and then you have to start all over to prove you are worthy again by more accomplishments.

It is like a thirsty person that no amount of water extinguish his/her thirst.

Besides being unhappy most of the time, the work you do will be mediocre.

Why? No-one can do a great work while believing they are not worthy.

Some questions to ponder:

  • How such a belief is in your highest good?
  • Can you drop the belief that you are not worthy?
  • What do you have to lose if you change your belief?

Observe the response.

  • Whose voices are those?
  • Who is in change?

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